G.o.D. reflects

Of course I would not have been around for Saturday’s fun (and thank god(s) I was) if it hadn’t been for the fact G.o.D. is on a brief break from recording. Well, I say break, but John seems to have used the time without me around to mix our demo at least three more times. He is becoming quite the producer is our John. Anyone who can produce as good stuff as he is in a very small home studio has quite a bit of talent. Of course, as he produces better and better mixes of the music he feels a bit bummed that the record company does not have our “latest". We, the band, are in that awful waiting period to hear what the record company thinks of it all. Of course my week is all out of wack because I am not trotting off to Wimbledon twice a week. Barring calamities, we are set to resume recording tomorrow, hopefully demoing them for the album. Meanwhile, Mike and I are trying to co-ordinate his visiting these shores to lend us his guitar chops. He continually has nice things to say about our music, for which I have to thank him profusely.

Mike was not the only person with a kind word for me this week. Trollboy had this to say about Andrew Ian Dodge… the mythos author.

In all seriousness… I got alot of compliments re: you at origins!!

Of course he also said he wants another story.