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The aim of the XVII Greenmeeting of the Americas, Greenmeeting Brasilia 2019, is "IN SEARCH OF SOLUTIONS" for local and global environmental problems, with innovative and objective discussions, involving the largest number of institutions and segments of society, Brazil and the Outside. Broadening its reach and democratizing discussions beyond the government, technical and academic segments, bringing to light the successful experiences that allow its application in areas with similar problems.

"Greenmeeting" seeks to work on the concept of sustainable development in the decision-making of the economic, social and environmental pillars, in order to achieve greater importance, coordination and integration between the three dimensions of sustainable development, with a view to overcoming the prevalence Of sectoral visions,  after the definition of sustainable development as a world priority, through Rio 92.


Folder de apresentação do XVII Greenmeeting

Revista Sustentabilidade É O FOCO