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CONSIDERING our Planet cannot be explored, in the name of the development and of the quality of life, as if it were a warehouse of inexhaustible natural resources, on one hand, and as a boundless waste deposit on the other hand. Besides, our life style is moving forward Earth's stock of natural resources, not only environmentally unsustainable, but also in unfair ways and socially uneven, thus generating income concentration on one side and misery and hunger on the other one, jeopardizing present and future generations;

CONSIDERING that Governments and societies urgently need to direct their actions in an environmentally sustainable fashion and socially just, in a way that assures, on equal terms, the existence and the existence and perpetuation of humanity and the other living beings;
THUS, Greenmeeting Executive Forum, in partnership with several other institutions, decided to carry out, annually, the Greenmeeting of the Americas (Americas Conference of Environment and Sustainable Development), a world forum consisting of lectures and debates open for all peoples aiming at analyzing the current global situation and protest in favor of sustainable development, environment and the betterment of quality of life in the Americas and in the world.

This LETTER is the document which contains the ruling principles of the GREENMEETING OF THE AMERICAS, with the following observations:

1 – Greenmeeting of the Americas is a permanent forum, opened to all continents and not restricted to specific themes of the Americas. All of those who seek or hold successful experiences are welcome to this meeting.

2 – We invite to participate in the Meeting: environmental leaders, the press, authorities from several countries, technologists, companies and autarchies representatives, environmental departments at different levels, governmental or not, teachers and university students, researchers and representatives of national and international institutions, as well as diplomats from several continents.

3 – There will be no absentees in this meeting, but only presents. The forum is not bound to the presence of a specific authority from a determined country. It is committed to support the discussions and talks in order to find solutions to several social-environmental issues, as well as to the improvement of life quality for the global community.

4 – The final document of the Meeting contains guidelines, recommendations, proposals and social-environmental suggestions to governments and national and international institutions, named Green Letter of the Americas is elaborated by the General Coordination of the event, based on the results of the Forum. Thus, the invited participants, lecturers and authorities will not be required to sign the above-mentioned letter, solely by self-interest or initiative.

5 – The Meeting tries to contribute to solve several problems that impair sustainable economic development. There is no intention or purpose of imposing governmental norms or guidelines, but to suggest and propose solutions which contribute to solve such problems.

6 – The Greenmeeting of the Americas is opened to any topic of discussion relevant or of interest to peoples from Americas or any part of the world and there is no political party interests nor the ambition to discuss all environmental, social-environmental, global or local, themes, which would be impossible for any mega event, no matter how big it would be.

7 – The Greenmeeting of the Americas commits itself to make broader discussions possible and the fight against terrorism, in favor of freedom of speech, independency and autonomy of nations, as well as fighting against social inequalities, poverty and misery, social exclusion, religious intolerance and crimes against citizenship and human rights.

8 – The Greenmeeting tries to offer a space for the deepening of the analytical and critical capacity on social-economical, environmental issues and, above all, an opportunity to elaborate consistent alternative proposals, in order to assist in solving social-environmental problems.

9 – The Forum commits itself to protect the environment, the sustainable development and biodiversity, acknowledging the right of living of all species, as well as the right of all inhabitants of the planet to a good quality of life and worthy living conditions.

10 – Acknowledges the environmental, economic, social and cultural rights of all nations, condemning the indiscriminate exploration or natural resources.
The principles found in this Document-Letter should be observed and considered by institutions, organizations and groups that might integrate the Conference's organizational resorts, Organizational Commission, Mobilization Committee or Partnership Committee, as well as presenters and the public.

Yours Faithfully,

Organizational Commission «Greenmeeting Executive Forum


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