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After the COP 21, in Paris, France, and the COP 22 in Marrakesh, Marrocos the XVI Green Meeting of the Americas, "Greenmeeting", will be held in Rio de Janeiro RJ,  on 25 and 26 September 2017, is projected to be  a  major  observatory  on  the positivist  viewpoint,  regarding  the  scope  of  final outcome of the United Nations Conference. The discussions are important and essential for reaching a global environmental platform, which  put  on  the  same  stage,  the  economic,  environmental and  social,  in  order  to  eradicate  poverty.  However,  there are already hundreds of diplomatic agreements focused on environmental  issues,  and that  took  years to  be completed. It is time  to  start  implementing  actions  for  the  safety  of human  and  the  planetary  sustainability.

The choices of development means  the particular way that each nation presents itself to history and to the country. Thus, economic automatisms   are outweighed by economic policy decisions that define priorities, expand paths, allow partnerships and encourage sustainable projects, sharing horizons with other peoples and nations. In this sense, the Meeting with no political-partisan link, will gather the main national and international leaders  about the Environment and Sustainable Development both governmental and non-governmental which among other events, will consist of delivering the Green Prize of the Americas 2017.

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Folder de apresentação do XVI Greenmeeting