Show me the money!

Oh Lord, the BBC’s at it again.

Seems some bright spark decided to send out identical CVs to companies, under British and foreign names and, surprise surprise, the foreigners got fewer replies. Jeez, now there’s a surprise.

A lazy White employee can be sacked, a lazy minority employee can sue. In our new Socialist workers paradice the boss can enjoy the unique pleasure of being blackmailed into settling out of court, or face humiliation and poverty in court.

True to form, a procession of Left wing thinkers, academics, writers and ‘race campaigners’ (race baiters?) came on air to demand more legislation, more quotas, more law suits. More more more! Understandably, no red horned businessman sullied good Liberal BBC studios with their filthy capitalist views.

Its not institutional British racism that prevents ethnic people from having their calls returned, just fear, dread and the desire to avoid blackmail.

Under Socialism businessmen are afraid, and for good reason. Perhaps reasonable then, that Briton’s share of European investment has fallen from 25% to 9% in just 7 short years of Labour rule