Or at least more crazy

Interesting article in the Chicago Tribune about advertising on blogs, which is at the moment for me of purely theoretical interest. I wouldn’t dream of sullying the crisp aesthetics of this site with ugly, raw capitalism. Also, those ugly, raw capitalists wouldn’t be exactly tripping over themselves to capture my 50 or so readers.

It’s something I’d consider in the future, though. I think it was Matt Welch who wrote that he averages something like 5,000 unique views a week and makes about $900 a year from ads. Not enough to quit your day job for, but it’d nicely cover server, excess bandwidth (Reynolds blows through about 5GB every couple of days, and he doesn’t post a lot of pictures, either) and DSL costs. Who knows, I might even be able to hire someone to professionally design the thing. (The “crisp aesthetics” notwithstanding, it really only looks right with Mozilla/Netscape browsers. IE is mainly OK, but some of the lines don’t match up. I’m afraid to look at it with Opera. And it’s a mess in the Mac Safari browser. [If you’ve got a blog or webpage and you want to see how it looks on various platforms go here or here.].)

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a good online tutorial on CSS and/or HTML, please let me know. This stuff is driving me crazy.