Feelin’ Good!

While holidaying in North England last week, I noticed a Socialist Workers Party leaflet at the local nut-job non-cyber chat room (the health food shop’s notice board). Being up for a laugh, low on cash and date-less, I could not resist the fun.

I’d just finished Francis Wheen’s superb biography of Carl Marx. If you have the slightest interest in world politics, you must buy this book. Far from the great thinker myth, Marx comes across as a thoroughly despicable, bitter, lying, miserable hypocrite and general cad. It’s a great read, buy it.

A more wretched collection of bitter losers it would be hard to unearth. After a 1hr anti-Bush rant from our dear leader, and a few calls from the audience to bring down the Bush/Blair axis, we repaired to the bar.

A woman of uncomfortable appearance (deodorant being bourgeois decadence), assured me that she no longer read the Guardian, “Its gone soft” she assured “we should be closing down schools and hospitals, not participating in the bosses’ government”. Right on sister.

An interesting chap, who can work but chooses to live courtesy of my taxes declared his past elegance to the militant side “I’m not into that stuff no more” he assured “now I’m just into bringing down the government”. I was then asked to hand over a further 50p for beer, which I proceeded to do, under silent protest.

Apparently, Britain is to reach a shinning new dawn as Parliament is dismantled, to be replaced by Free sex chat workers’ comities. Didn’t they try that in Moscow once? Can’t see a Supreme Soviet in No.10 myself.

Here’s the clincher.. While we chatted, Saddam’s court appearance came on the news. Being a -eating, fox molesting Tory I exclaimed with delight at the old dictator’s demise, the SWP crowd turned their backs and pretended ignorance. “Isn’t it great!” I declared in sad innocence. “Look they’ve got Saddam in court” I exclaimed with Right wing joy, No one said a word. You could have heard a severed hand drop.

Someone looked at my paper, The Daily Telegraph. Augh, cover blown, I eased out of the pub before being shaken down for more capitalist beer money.

Friends, if your low & insecure, if your car’s on the blink and your waist line grows by the hour. If your ego’s in the gutter and bank account’s in the red. Take yourself down to a SWP meeting and walk out feeling the cleverest, wittiest, most brilliant scholar in town.

I did.

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Sad anniversary nears

A year ago I wrote the following:

Sad news from Iraq: journalist and blogger Stephen Vincent has been killed in Basra. Condolences to his family during this very sad time.

And a year does not change my view of the event. It was a great shame that he lost his life in Iraq after all he had done adding his voice to the coverage of the country emerging from several decades of murderous tyranny. As writer and Jasmin live bloggers we need to remember those of us that have died amongst our own. So spare a thought for Stephen and his family on the 2 of August. Raise a glass to the man. I certainly will do so.

Internet can make you…

JOHN JURGENSEN has written a great piece in WSJ called Moguls of the New Media. It is good to see a piece on the new online world of entertainment that is written without the normal mocking tone that comes from Late Review type of cultural critic. Futhermore there is not the slightest amount of seething at MySpace because its owned by the eeeevill Murdoch as you so often see when it is mentioned in the MSM.

Granted looking at the list of success stories I do have tinge of frustration that Laurence & I have not been offered a radio show on Sirius yet (Dodge & Simon Show), that Growing Old Disgracefully is not a household name yet and that I don’t have my own TV show…er sorry I digress.

Bands, artist, writers and potential directors are being discovered on MySpace, Garageband, YouTube and some of the other outlets. Long may they continue to do us. The more media coverage, even if it is slighly reluctant, is good for all of us that have sites on any or all of those outlets. The more eyes on the sites mean more potentials for us. Because, a Live jasmin roulette wheel though it may be, there is always a possibility we will get discovered.

Then again thanks to all those sites I have finally got a chance to write a paper for a London-based think-tank.

Fries With That?

I ran across this piece by Peggy Noonan the other day and meant to link to it, but other stuff came up and I forgot about it. Today I was reading Kathy Shaidle’s blog. She’d seen the column too, and the same paragraph had caught her eye:

But one senses the people who run the Times now are not so much living as re-enacting. They’re lost on the big new playing field of American media, and they’re reenacting their great moments–the Pentagon papers, the Watergate days. They’re locked in a pose: We speak truth to (bad Republican) power. Frank Rich is running around with his antiwar screeds as if it’s 1968 and he’s an idealist with a beard, as opposed to what he is, a guy who if he pierced his ears gravy would come out.

I’m not exactly sure what she means by that, except maybe that Frank Rich is a meathead.

Whatever. It made me laugh out loud. The lady can certainly turn a phrase.

The Sun:

BRIDE Carly O’Brien wanted a big wedding — so she wore a dress weighing 25 STONE.

But the £25,000 creation, to outdo model Jordan’s, was 8ft WIDE and got STUCK in the church door.

dressIt took TWENTY people an hour and a half to heave 16-year-old Carly through and up the aisle followed by her 60FT LONG train.

The 30-layer tulle dress, covered with 3,000 Swarovski crystals, diamond head-dress and train meant dad Frank, 40, had to walk in front as there was no room alongside.

Carly, who spent NINE AND A HALF HOURS getting into it, was exhausted when she got to the altar in Gloucester.

After the ceremony groom Michael Coffey, 17, and 14 relatives carried her out.

For non-UK readers, 1 stone = 14 pounds or about 6.4 Kg. So the dress clocks in at 350 pounds.

Other interesting numbers: Ages of bride and groom. The odds you could get at Ladbrokes on this thing lasting more than a year.